Men of Company D,8th GA Battalion, Gist Birgade, Walkers Division


Watters, J.L.-Captain (later promoted to Colonel)
Borde Randolph-1st Lieutenant
Hardin, John A. -2nd Lieutenant (later promoted to Captain)
Johnson, George-3rd Lieutenant 
Brown, George-1st Sergeant/Trimble, Josephus-2nd Sergeant/Mathis, J.W.-3rd Sergeant/Owens, Rufus-4th Sergeant
Brown, D. H.-1st Corporal, Johnson, Joseph-2nd Corporal, Wright, James-3rd Corporal, Mathis, John C.-4th Corporal

Adams, Pres/ Adcock, Wilson/ Adcox, William
Bagley, Henry/ Bivins, William/ Black ,Robert/ Black, Joseph/ Blackburn, Milton/ Blant, William/ Borders, Edumd /Bowen, James/ Brogdon ,G.W. Sr./Brown, W.E./ Bryson, Nelson
Cagle, Henry/ Cagle,____/ Chaffin ,John/ Clark, Elbert/ Cochran ,William/ Collier, Meridy/ Collier, J. P./Cox, Anderson
Dickard, Henry/ Dickard, Elisha / Dillard ,Samuel
Edwards, Newton/Ellis, William/Ellison, Samuel/ Ellison, Jones/ Elrod, Jerry/ Evans, Obadiah/ Evans. Isaac
Farmer, James/ Field, Thomas/ Floyd ,Samuel R./ Floyd, Enoch/ Frix, John R./ Frix, P. R., Frix/ James, Frix U.M.V.
Gilbert, George/ Gentry, William
Hunter, George/ Hutchins ,George,
Inlow ,W. T. 
Johns, Stephen/ Johnson, James/ Jones, W illiam/ Jones, Josiah
King, Ambrose/ Kimbrough, W.D.
Lattrell, John/ Lay, Berry/ Long, Alex/ Love ,John/ Love, Uriah
Malone, L.F./ Mathis, V./ McCutchen, Frank/ McGhee, Silas/McGinnis, N.H./ Miller, James/ Montgomery, Frank
Moss,James/ Moss,Gilbert/ Moss,  Andrew Jackson/ Moss, Hiriam/ Moss, Johnson/ Moss ,Lewis
Owens, Van/ Owens, David
Pierce, William/Pison, Curtis (promoted to drummer)
Qualls, John
Rider, Hampton
Simpson,Samuel/Stewart, F.P. (promoted to color bearer)/Stowers, William/Stowers,Lewis/Stowers,Thomas/Stroud,William
Taylor, Albert/ Taylor Adolphus/ Teal David/ Teal Allen/Timms, Harrison
Underwood, James
Wade, Thomas/ Wade Asa/ Wade, Harrison/ Wade, Newton/ Ward, George W./ Ward, T./ Ward Newatt/ Walraven, Floyd/ Walraven, Monk/ Walraven, Robert/Walraven,W.B./White, James/Whittemore, Miles/ Whittemore, Francis/ Willingham, John/ Wilson, Calvin/ Wilson, Henry/ Wilson, John/ Wilson, James L. / Wilson, William/ Wilson, Miles   

The source for the D Company names is the Georgia Department of  Archives and History.  They are also identically listed on pages 118/119 of The History of Gordon County/War Between the States.  There were numerous brothers, cousins and other relatives from the same families that answered the call to the colors during the Civil War.  My ancestors, the Moss family, provided 6 family members; the Frix family provided 4;  the Wilson family sent 6 members; the Wade family, 4 individuals; the Walraven family, 4; and various other families in groups of  2’s and 3’s joined the unit. The men of company D has been provided separately as this was the unit in which my ancestors served.   I have provided a link to the entire unit at our links page.