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  1. My third great grandfather was Evan Wilson Kiker. He was in the 4th Georgia but discharged after only a month. According to a family archive, he mustered into the 8th after his first and only child was born. I can only find and “E. W. Kiker” in the 8th roster and I’m assuming that’s him. He was killed in Jackson, MS when a detachment of the 8th was sent there to help Vicksburg. The detachment was put under Gen. Joseph T. Johnston. Anyway, Evan was shot in Jackson and died in a hospital in Canton on July 6, 1863. He was 23 years old. I would like to know what the 8th Georgia regiment’s flag looked like.

  2. My great-great-grandfather, John O. Love, fought with the 8th Battalion according to the records I can find. It says Company B & D. I would love any info you might can find on him. I know he moved to Crawford County, Arkansas, and founded Love Cemetery in Alma, Arkansas, so Confederate veterans would have a place to be buried, since apparently a lot of cemeteries wouldn’t accept them. There’s a mention of him in the book Letters to Anna by James R. Knight.

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